Native American Tribes and Tribal Businesses

Our Native American finance group has a long history of serving tribal customers and understanding the unique needs of tribes and tribal businesses. In addition to financing gaming and hospitality projects, our team brings expertise in devising financial solutions for tribal infrastructure needs, healthcare, energy and other economic development projects.

More than 25 Years of Experience Serving Native Americans and Tribal Governments

We offer a wide variety of financial services to tribal governments and gaming enterprises.

BOK Financial has developed one of the largest Native American-focused programs in the country. Our flexible financial solutions facilitate the expansion of tribal enterprises and help strengthen Native American communities.

Our Native American Financing initiative has arranged more than $3.5 billion in financing. We also manage more than $2.1 billion in assets for tribal nations and businesses.

In addition to financing gaming and hospitality projects, we work with U.S. government agency grants, tax credits and loan guarantees to devise financial solutions for tribal infrastructure, healthcare, energy and more.

Specialized Financing for Tribal Governments

BOK Financial uses several government guaranteed programs from agencies like the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Housing and Urban Development for added security and increased flexibility.

The U.S. government has developed several programs and policies to help tribal enterprises align their activities with local priorities, combat poverty, employ Native Americans and fund tribal government programs. Federal programs include:

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs Loan Guarantee Program guarantees up to 90% of loans made to an eligible Indian-owned business.
  • Title VI provides government guarantees for affordable housing activities.
  • Section 184 guarantees loans for eligible activities like construction of new housing, acquisition or rehabilitation of existing housing, and refinancing of existing debt.

Bureau of Indian Affairs Interest Subsidy Program

USDA Business and Industry Loan Guarantee Program

New Market Tax Credits

Tax Advantaged Debt Issuance

Gaming & Hospitality

As an important source of revenue and employment for many tribes and their members, the gaming and hospitality industry has become an economic development catalyst for many tribes. Our team of Native American financing specialists can help your organization obtain financing for resort and casino projects, operating and capital improvement lines of credit, treasury management and vault services. We work with organizations of all sizes and finance projects ranging from $500,000 to $200 million and can customize a solution to meet your needs.


BOK Financial has industry specialists with decades of experience in all types of Native American lending. We offer financial services to more than 30 tribal governments and gaming and business enterprises.

  • Construction Loans
  • Government Guaranteed Loan Programs
  • Loan Syndications

Institutional Wealth Management

Drawing on a full suite of industry leading products and services, we create customized strategies to preserve and grow tribal resources. And, we will evolve with you as the needs of your organization change.

Asset Management

We can help your tribal organization navigate the regulations and red tape of mineral and real estate management, asset custody, regulatory reporting and analysis. We also offer advisory services to maximize the output of your holdings.

Risk Management

Our expert hedging services, foreign exchange and trading and exposure management solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of tribal governments.

Understanding, Knowledge and Wisdom

Our Native American finance group has in-depth experience serving tribal clients. We have a unique understanding of a tribal organization's opportunities, challenges, priorities and objectives. Working with our team means:

  • Industry specialists with decades of experience in all types of Native American lending.
  • Trusted financial advisors to provide financing for resort and casino projects and much more.
  • Experience with organizations of all sizes and finance projects ranging from $500,000 to $200 million.
  • Recognition of the distinct issues of tribal sovereignty, tribal law and cultural preferences.

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