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Bank of Oklahoma's collection services are designed to help you to mobilize funds, access information, update accounts receivable, and support audit trails.

Remote Corporate Capture

Enables businesses to scan all types of checks, including business to business checks, and transmit the scanned images to Bank of Oklahoma safely. With Remote Corporate Capture, we can clear your customer’s checks based upon images of the original items, versus transporting the original check all the way back to the bank for clearing.

To see if Remote Corporate Capture would be beneficial to your business, click here.

Image Retail Lockbox

Our Image Retail Lockbox service is designed to accelerate the processing and collection of high volume remittances you receive from your customers.  Our system is designed to accelerate customer payments, reduce clerical expense, and improve management control.

Image Cash Letter

Accelerates funds availability and reduces check processing costs with the electronic equivalent of a paper cash letter deposit.

Bill Payment Consolidation

Payment Consolidation allows any business that receives payments made through a bill pay service to receive transaction detail on incoming ACH Payments that are sent either through the ACH Network or directly from MasterCard/RPPS.

Vault Services

Cash Vault Processing
Cash Vault services include incoming deposit processing and coin and currency replenishment for cash intensive businesses; providing optimum cash acceleration in an efficient, secure environment, thus reducing exposure to loss or theft.

Centralized Deposit Processing
This system utilizes tamper-evident, disposable deposit bags that contain separate “pockets” for cash and checks, which reduces your time, spent waiting on teller verification of your deposits and allows for same day credit of your deposits.

Vault Network
Receive immediate availability for cash deposits, and verify high yield volume deposits efficiently and accurately.


For more information please call:

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