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Our payment and transfer services help you to safely and securely manage your money more efficiently from your own computer.

ACH Credits

Our Automated Clearing House (ACH) credit service can be initiated at financial institutions anywhere in the nation to electronically process direct payroll deposits, vendor payments, tax dividend payments, interest payments and annuity payments. Businesses can gain control over their cash position, reduce paperwork and recognize cost savings using ACH Credits.

ACH Debits

The ACH pre-authorized debit service automatically collects funds from your customers to pay insurance premiums, loan payments, association dues, subscriptions, or even utility payments.  ACH Debit service reduces costs associated with invoice preparation and mailing, incoming mail handling and deposit preparation and business owners gain control of their cash position because the payment date is predetermined.

Bill Payment allows you to maximize your cash flow by paying bills to vendors or individuals, automate payroll direct deposit and expense reimbursement and transfer money between accounts online. You can easily set up payees and schedule single or recurring payments all from your computer in just minutes.

Bill Payment is a quick, easy and flexible payment solution that saves you time and money. It provides you an extra level of security when paying your bills online while reducing your paperwork and manual recordkeeping.

Bank of Oklahoma has partnered with Paycor to offer a simplified, full-service solution called Online Payroll, which provides you with an easy to use application that gives you immediate and secure access to all your HR, payroll, timekeeping and reporting information. Plus, you can manage all your payroll and HR tasks quickly and easily, whenever and wherever you choose. If you ever have any questions or need help, you’ll receive a dedicated payroll and HR specialist who gets to know you and your business.

Online Payroll are provided by Paycor, Inc. BOKF, NA is not the provider of or responsible for the services or products provided by Paycor, Inc. and does not make any representations or warranties of any kind regarding Paycor, Inc.’s services or products.

Bank of Oklahoma's Wire Transfer Service has been designed to speed up collection and crediting procedures by transferring funds electronically on a same-day basis. Transfers are typically used to draw down funds and transfer between external accounts and your account at Bank of Oklahoma. Once a wire is sent, it is considered guaranteed funds by the initiating bank. We can accommodate repetitive, non-repetitive, drawdown, schedule, sweep and batch wires. Wires can be sent domestically or internationally and can be sent in U.S. dollars or in a foreign currency.


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