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Bank of Oklahoma offers several reconciliation options to satisfy your specific business requirements including: fine sort, partial reconciliation, full reconciliation, range reconciliation and deposit reconciliation. Our reconciliation services reduces management and clerical time, improves management and audit controls and increases speed and accuracy of reconciliation.

eVision and Image Depot Express

eVision is a web-based search application that allows you to view digital images of your checking account items via the Internet as quickly as one day after the Bank posts them to your account.

By using eVision, you will receive access to your images, 24 hours a day via the internet. Plus, you have the ability to set up multiple users and control which users have access to which accounts.

Image Depot Express is a powerful database query program designed to assist you in locating and reviewing account data and images. The main purpose of Image Depot Express is to quickly answer questions regarding check amounts, check deposit dates and other issues related to checks by viewing your check and deposit images on a CD-ROM. These images can be delivered to you daily, weekly, monthly or any other time frame you request.


  • Reduced time spent handling check items
  • Fraud issues detected and corrected quickly by viewing actual checks
  • Reduced storage requirements by eliminating the storage of physical checks
  • Single or multiple items found based on any combination of check number, amount, date or account ranges
  • Ability to present proof of a payment using the actual check image

Positive Pay is the most sophisticated of all account reconciliation and fraud services. It’s your premier defense against check fraud because it helps to identify payments you didn’t initiate.

Bank of Oklahoma works closely with the customer to monitor check numbers and amounts for suspicious activity. An added level of fraud prevention is available with payee name validation, where payee information is also verified in addition to check numbers and amounts.

Positive Pay can be used with or without reconciliation, but the full reconciliation services is available at no additional charge*.


  • Reduces fraud loss because potentially fraudulent checks are identified within a 24-hour window
  • Provides an extra layer of protection against fraud
  • Saves time and money in handling potentially fraudulent situations
  • Optional validation of all items based on dollar limit or stale date rules

* Transmission fees may apply

Sub Accounts provides enhanced reporting on deposits and expenses at the individual store level, giving businesses a comprehensive view of activity across their franchise.


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