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Bank of Oklahoma information reporting services allow you to collect balance, transaction and rate information and initiate wire transfers and ACH transactions. These services provide the tools you need to analyze and organize your information in a format suitable to your business needs.

NetConnect is an integrated system of cash management services accessible through a secure Internet website that provides the information reporting and tools needed to act upon your cash opportunities and improve profitability.

NetConnect provides complete account information reporting and transaction initiation services to corporations and correspondent banks. Using a personal computer and secure Internet connection, your company has access to this valuable information 24 hours a day.


  • NetConnect cash management information reporting services simplify your operations.
  • By eliminating hours of data gathering and handling, NetConnect permits better use of your staff and improves productivity.
  • Early morning access to balance data allows you to respond quickly to opportunities without oversights and overdrafts.
  • The funds transfer services provided with NetConnect can help your operation become more cost-effective because transactions initiated through NetConnect are less expensive than manually initiated transactions.

NetConnect Business Edition is an affordable solution for emerging businesses looking for a cost effective cash management services solution. You have the ability to access your accounts, transfer funds, send a stop payment request, initiate repetitive wires, send direct deposits to your employee’s accounts and electronically pay vendors via a secure website.

Trusteer Rapport is a free, downloadable security solution available to NetConnect customers that protects NetConnect login credentials and sensitive data from being stolen from your computer. It provides you with an additional layer of security that monitors, blocks and reports the presence of financial malware, which allows for fast action against possible threats to your business.

Bank of Oklahoma requires this added level of security because it:
  • Helps prevent fraudulent charges;
  • Reduces malware related attacks;
  • Is easy to install on your computer;
  • Is free of charge!

Be sure to download Trusteer Rapport when you visit NetConnect.


For more information please call:

Tulsa Area: (918) 588-8655
OKC Area: (405) 272-2496

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