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Mobile Alerts is a feature that allows you to receive email or push notifications on your phone or tablet, alerting you of banking transactions that occur on your account. With Mobile Alerts, you will know the specifics of any activity on your account at your convenience, anytime, anywhere. And best of all, it’s free!

Benefits and Features:

  • Receive alerts for only the specific banking transactions that you request
  • Fast and easy to setup and manage
  • Manage your accounts anytime, from anywhere

Getting Started is Easy:

  1. Be sure you have the latest version of our Mobile Banking App (iPhone®*, iPad®* or Android™*) or visit from any smartphone/tablet that is web enabled.
  2. Use your Online Banking Username and Password to login
  3. Select “Setup Alerts” from the menu list (or "Alerts" on iPad / mobile site)


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Mobile Alerts can be received on most iPhone® and Android™ phones, iPod touch® and iPad®, and most Smartphones.

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch® requirements:

  • iOS 5.0 or higher

Android™ requirements:

  • OS 2.3 or higher

All other smartphone requirements:

  • Must be web-enabled

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mobile Banking Alerts?

Mobile Banking Alerts is a free feature that sends either an email or push notification regarding specific bank transactions and/or information that you previously requested to receive.

What operating system is required to activate Mobile Banking Alerts?

For the best user experience it is recommended that your device has the most recent operating system version installed.

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users will need iOS 5.0 or later. Anyone on an iPhone 3GS or iPod Touch 3 or higher can use this operating system along with all iPad users.

Android users will need 2.3 or later operating system.

What different Mobile Banking alerts can I set up?

There are many options available. You may choose from the following alerts below and receive them by email and/or push notification.

Deposit Alerts
Deposit A deposit alert will be sent when a branch, ATM or mobile deposit exceeds the amount you set.
Direct Deposit A Direct Deposit alert will be sent when a direct deposit is posted to your account.
Incoming Wire Transfer An alert will be sent when a wire transfer is credited to your account.
Debit Card Return An alert will be sent when funds from a return of goods or services are re-posted back to your account.
Withdrawal Alerts
ATM Withdrawal An ATM Withdrawal alert will be sent when an ATM withdrawal exceeds a dollar amount you set.
Bill Payment A Bill Payment alert is sent when an electronic bill payment has posted to your account.
Check Posted Check Posted alerts are sent when a check posts to your account that exceeds the dollar amount you set.
Check Number A Check Number alert will be sent when a check posted to your account matches a check number you specified.
Debit Card Debit Card alerts are sent when a transaction has posted to your account that exceeds the dollar amount you set.
Online or Mobile Transfer You will receive an Online or Mobile Transfer alert (withdrawal only) when an online banking transfer occurs and exceeds the dollar amount you set.
Electronic Deduction (ACH) Electronic Deduction (ACH) alerts are sent when an electronic draft is deducted from your account that exceeds the dollar amount you set.
Outgoing Wire Transfer An Outgoing Wire Transfer alert will be sent when funds are wired out of your account.
Account Status Alerts
Low Balance A Low Balance alert will be sent when your account balance falls below a dollar amount you set.
Daily Balance A Daily Balance alert will be delivered advising you of the balance on your account.

NOTE: Mobile Alert push notifications can only be edited when using the mobile app and not within Online Banking.

How soon will I get an Alert?

In general, our Alerts are sent close to real-time. This means we will do our best to notify you of the selected activity as close as possible to the time it actually occurred.

How do I enroll in Mobile Alerts?

By default, you are automatically enrolled into Mobile Alerts. Refer to “How do I set up a Mobile Alert?” for activating alerts.

How do I set up a Mobile Alert?

Log in to the Mobile Banking app and select Manage Alerts from the menu. Select Add/Edit Alerts and then choose the account that the alert will be for. Select an alert from the provided list and update your desired notification preference.

How do I turn a Mobile Alert off?

Log in to the Mobile Banking app and select Manage Alerts from the menu. Select Add/Edit Alerts and then choose the account and specific alert you wish to turn off. Toggle the notifications off and save your changes.

How do I receive a Mobile Alert?

You will receive Mobile Banking Alerts through email and/or push notification. Select Manage Email Address from the Manage Alerts menu to add or change email addresses for delivery.

How do I delete my Mobile Alert history?

Log in to the Mobile Banking app and select View Alerts from the menu. Tap Edit and select the alert or alerts you wish to delete. Once you make your selection, tap the trash icon and confirm you wish to delete. Another method to delete an alert is to swipe an alert to the left and select the Delete flag.

What is a Push Notification?

A Push Notification allows an app to send information to your phone (via a badge, alert, or pop up message) even when the app isn’t in use. Our Push Notification system will send you a message, and when you select it, it will direct you back to our Mobile Banking App to log in.

Do you send alerts via text message?

Not yet, but this is something that we are exploring and hope to provide in the future.

What accounts are eligible for alerts?

Alerts can be set up on personal and business checking, savings and money market accounts.

How do I change my email address or add another one?

Select Manage Email Address from the Manage Alerts menu to add or change email addresses for alert delivery.

How do I know if I have a new alert?

You will receive new alerts through email and/or push notification. To see if you have a new alert inside the Mobile Banking app, navigate to the menu and find the View Alerts tab. If this tab is illuminated in red then you have a new alert.

Can I reply to emailed alerts?

No, the emails are sent automatically and your reply will not be received. Please send any questions or concerns about an alert through Secure Message and we will be able to assist you.

Will Alerts help to prevent banking fees?

Mobile Banking Alerts can help prevent fees by allowing you to actively manage your bank accounts at your convenience, anytime, anywhere. We do our best to provide alerts in a timely manner with accurate information, but alerts may be delayed or prevented by a variety of factors beyond our control. We cannot guarantee the delivery of alerts nor the accuracy of the content. We are also not responsible for any actions taken (or not taken) by you or any third party as the result of an alert.

Mobile Deposit Terms and Conditions

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