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With a technology base that is constantly expanding, business communication options are increasingly growing all the time. From traditional communication services like telecom to new mobile communication technologies, you can choose what business communication plan is most cost effective for your business.

  • Small Business Internet Access and Services - Depending on your business and its customer base, high-speed Internet access and online services are probably the most important service your small business depends on.
  • Small Businesses Embracing Cloud Computing - To help reduce the costs and complexity associated with their technology infrastructure, a growing number of small businesses are replacing installed software programs with web-based, "cloud" services and mobile apps.
  • Small Business Conferencing and Collaboration - Web and phone-based conferencing and collaboration tools offer small business owners the ability to stay in touch with customers, prospects and colleagues while reducing travel costs, improving productivity and saving time.
  • Faxes Hanging On - Despite the growing use of email and document-sharing services to exchange information, faxing remains an important business communications tool.
  • Unified Communications Streamlines Inboxes - To help business owners manage their message deluges easily and efficiently, unified communications systems bring inbound calls, emails and instant messages onto a single screen.
  • Small Business Instant Messaging - Instant messaging (IM), or text-based "chat" applications provide a convenient and efficient tool for small business employees to communicate and collaborate.
  • Designing Your Small Business Phone System - As with other business systems and services, digital technology has evolved the basic office telephone far beyond its basic role in carrying voice calls.
  • Hackers Dialing Up Phone System Fraud - Unlike analog phones that were only connected to a carrier's equipment, digital phones using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) are vulnerable to hackers and fraud.




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