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Setting up and running your office is a critical component of a successful business. Careful advance planning can help you avoid irritating administrative headaches that both distract you from building your company and chip away at the bottom line.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to relocate your office, evaluating your professional needs is an important first step. This will help you choose a geographic location, the type and size space best for you and what equipment to purchase. The articles below offer assistance in these areas, as well as advice regarding leases, workplace improvements, computer hardware and software, supplier relationships and environmental practices and compliance.

Use this solid, practical information as a blueprint to help you select your office space and to launch and maintain smooth operations.

Office Space Resources

The search for just the right office space should begin with the basics. Potential location, square footage, interior space design, mortgage and leases top the list of concerns, but there are plenty more to consider. Refer to the following articles for solid information on key points, as well as guidelines to evaluating your business needs in each area.

  • Selecting the Right Office Space for You - A decision to move your office should revolve around a systematic needs analysis, the costs involved and whether a new location will improve your company's chance for success. This section provides guidance on these issues and also on purchase and lease arrangements, zoning regulations and much more.
  • Planning for the Associated Cost of an Office - If you're wrestling with worries over managing the expense of a new office, this article provides a variety of solutions. Learn about the pros and cons of leasing versus buying, the perks of a virtual office and why an executive suite arrangement is worth the money.
  • Improving an Already-Existing Office - You'd love to move, but the time isn't right. Refer to this section for tips on enhancing the office you now occupy, with a special focus on achieving safe, comfortable and productive surroundings.

Equipment: Hardware and Software

Whether you buy or lease, work at home or in a business park, one of your top priorities is outfitting your office with the right hardware, software, peripherals and equipment. To simplify the process, take a look at the following sections.

  • Choosing the Right Office Equipment for You - Don't let high-tech jargon scare you. This section provides a clear, no-nonsense rundown of copiers, fax machines and other must-have equipment, as well tips on purchasing hardware and software
  • Choosing the Right Computer System - Laptop, desktop, netbook – So many choices, and technology just keeps on advancing! Use these sections to learn about minimum requirements for a business-worthy PC and the differences among various models.
  • Small Business Software - Owners who aim to run well-organized companies must have the right computer programs to keep operations humming. This section offers suggestions on assessing your software needs, as well as product suggestions in marketing, bookkeeping and other small business categories.
  • The World of Microsoft - Microsoft's Windows 7 continues to develop user-friendly features of particular value to small businesses. This section reviews the latest developments in this operating system, as well as a point-by-point review of – a leading word processing program that happens to be free.

Business Services and Office Furnishings

Print, mailing and shipping functions are critical to daily business operations, but there are tricks to maximizing their effectiveness. Use these sections to help you deal with suppliers who provide these services, as well as guidance on basic purchases to furnish your office.

Going Green

Working toward environmental conservation is the responsibility of every small business owner. But doing so helps the bottom line, too. Refer to these articles for dozens of "green" tips, as well as information on compliance with the law.

  • The Benefits of Going Green - "Going green" is good for both the environment and your company – and getting started is a snap. This article offers dozens of simple, energy-wise tips that also save money.
  • Regulatory: Environmental Compliance - Environmental regulation extended to small business more than 20 years ago. This article provides an overview of your responsibilities as a business owner – and who can help you comply.




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