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Customer Service is not a policy, but a critical element of your business. With vast competition in the marketplace, customer service can be a determining factor for shoppers when deciding where they are going to purchase goods and services. Whenever an employee comes in contact with a customer, whether by phone or in person, the customer will remember the outcome, which will determine if he or she will return to your business.

  • Customer Service Overview -- How to Create a Customer Service Plan - A superior customer service plan can assure a steady revenue flow, even when external factors - such as the economic climate - make the going tough. This section defines the term and offers a breakdown of what consumers expect from their retailers, including efficiency, knowledgeable staff and product excellence. It also addresses personal and professional qualities a savvy business owner should cultivate.
  • Customer Service - Fuel for a Booming Business - The information offered here constitutes the backbone of a solid customer service action plan. Presented in a concise, point-by-point tactical summary, these guidelines address various aspects of an overall service strategy, from organizational culture and leadership to employee training and support.
  • Dialing 1(800) - The Magic Number - Round-the-clock call centers can catapult customer service - and ultimately revenues - to new heights. Refer to this section for in-depth guidance on launching a call center; in-house versus outsourced systems; choosing a service provider; call-center software; staff training and courtesy; developing scripts; and implementation of customer policies, including refunds.
  • Brick and Mortar: Cementing Customer Satisfaction - Customer satisfaction - the heart of every successful business - is not as elusive a goal as one might think. In fact, brick-and-mortar companies have an abundance of opportunities to keep their clients happy, from friendly service to clear-cut policies. Topics in this section include: staff / customer interaction; employee training; guarantees and warranties; quality assurance; handling complaints; invoicing; and returns and other policies.
  • Online Retail: Cyber - Satisfaction for Real Customers - Online retail companies can access the global market with just a few clicks of the keyboard. Still, assuring customer satisfaction can be problematic in this venue, because e-vendors do not deal with consumers from behind desks or counters. This section addresses the challenges of doing business in cyberspace, with particular attention to sales strategies, customer relationship management software and the fine points of refunds.
  • Online Service Savvy: Build Superior Customer Support - Nearly 50 percent of online shoppers drift away from commercial websites before they've purchased products or services. By creating a website that's attractive, fresh and easy to use, business owners can make sure their cyber-customers stick around long enough to spend money. This section offers tips on web amenities that focus on good service, such as FAQ pages, search engines, contact sections and more.
  • Creating and Measuring Customer Satisfaction - Research suggests that a healthy base of repeat business boosts a company's bottom line even more than attracting new prospects - so excellent customer service is vital. An effective strategy combines a well-organized system and ongoing feedback. Consult this section for guidelines on creating service plans, collecting data, writing surveys and analyzing results. The section also lists books, Internet sites and other resources addressing customer service research and evaluation techniques.
  • Loyal Customers Build Business - Today's consumers may be demanding, but the fact remains that customer service too often falls short of expectations. Given this, business owners who know how to make their clientele happy are far more likely to develop a loyal following. Refer here to learn how to improve service areas most important to the consumer, such as product value and caring staff, and for tips on simple ways to demonstrate customer appreciation.




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