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Every year, thousands of small-business owners lose money, property and sensitive information to breaches in security and fraud protection. The articles in this section explore all aspects of these crimes, as well as offer practical, effective suggestions for avoiding potential catastrophe.

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Preventing Internal and External Fraud

Identity Protection

  • Protecting Customer and Employee Information (Protect Against Identity Theft) - Learn about simple ways to safeguard sensitive information and protect your customers from identity theft.
  • Business Owners and Identity Theft - There's been a dramatic increase in identity theft. What you may not know is that as a small business owner, you are more likely than most to become a target. How can you protect yourself and your small business? We have some thoughts for you.
  • Protect Your Mail - Your business mail contains information that, if stolen, could adversely affect your company or your customers. There are a wide range of proactive steps your business can take to lower the risk of that happening to you.
  • Opt Out Of Personal Offers - How many times have you received a credit card offer in the mail that you are not interested in at all? Perhaps you just toss the letter into the garbage. Well, there are people who go dumpster diving to find those letters and can turn your trash into their stolen treasure. How can you stop this from happening? Here are some ideas.
  • Business Identity Theft - We've all heard about personal identity theft and how it is rising dramatically. Have you ever heard of business identity theft? Well, it's happening more and more but there are steps you, as a small business owner, can take to battle it from ever happening to your firm.

Technology and Internet Safety

  • Protecting Your Passwords - Most passwords are easy to guess; make sure your passwords protect sensitive information from unauthorized use.
  • Security for Mobile and Other Handheld Devices - In this digital and mobile age, we now see small businesses making enormously increased use of cell phones and other devices to handle everyday business. These devices are a great tool, but, like all tools, they need to be protected. Here are some thoughts on steps you can take.
  • Protecting Your Computers and Network - You do it at home almost automatically. Now it's time to take the same steps at your small business to make sure your computers and network are secure.
  • Online Security - Computers have taken over our communication lives, both at home and at work. Does your small business have a plan in place to make sure what you and your workers do on-line is secure? We have a checklist of steps you can take to insure your business online security.
  • Understanding Phishing - ON the open sea they are called pirates. In the world wide web, thieves are known as phishers, and what they're phishing for is all sorts of critical personal and business information. Here's how the fight back.
  • Protecting Against Investment Scams on the Internet - Protect yourself and your business from phony investment scam.




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