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If we have been named as paying agent on your bond, that means we act in an agency capacity for the bond issuer. As an agent, we are responsible for recordkeeping, issuing principal and interest checks, and tax information reporting. Our role is to disburse funds deposited with us by the bond issuer on each principal and interest payment date.

By Mail or Courier Service
Corporate Trust Services
111 Fillmore Ave. E.
St. Paul, MN 55107

In Person

Bonds or coupons may be presented to any banking center teller. Your payment will be mailed to you following processing of coupons and/or bonds.

How do I know if my bearer bond has been called?

Because bearer bonds are not registered to an individual, it is not possible to send call notices directly to bondholders. Bearer bond call notices are printed in financial publications (Wall Street Journal, Bond Buyer, etc.) as specified in the trust agreement or indenture. It is the individual bondholders responsibility to monitor the financial publications for the call notices. Bondholder relations can verify if your bond has been called.

Can I change my bearer bonds into registered bonds?

Some bearer bond issues allow for switching bonds into a registered form. Please contact bondholder relations to see if your issue is eligible.


If you have questions about your bond, please contact Bondholder Relations at 1-866-429-7481.

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