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Estate Planning Services

We know how difficult it can be to make decisions about the estate you have worked a lifetime to build and protect. It’s important for you to feel comfortable and confident in making these decisions, and that’s where having an experienced partner is important. Our wealth advisory team are trained, objective professionals who draw upon decades of experience to guide you along the path to a solid, well-designed estate plan.

Personalized Financial and Estate Planning

Work with our team of professionals to create a long-term financial plan that is crafted specifically for your personal circumstances and designed to give you maximum control.

Business Succession Planning

Private business owners are faced with a major challenge: What is the best way to transition ownership? Fewer than 50 percent of privately owned businesses have a succession plan. Many of these businesses do not survive the second generation. Our Wealth Advisory Team has the expertise to help guide and advise you in the right direction.

Executive Planning Services

One of the top priorities for any business owner is attracting and retaining key employees. This often requires finding ways to compensate key employees beyond the normal benefits provided to all other employees. Our wealth advisory team can offer numerous suggestions to single out and reward key employees, such as:

  • Non-qualified stock options
  • Incentive stock options
  • Voting and non-voting stock
  • Phantom stock
  • Stock bonus
  • Restricted stock
  • Rabbi trust


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Mineral Management
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Real Estate Services
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