529 Savings Account

From textbooks to tuition, the price of college is going up across the board. Help your future student focus on what matters most.

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Better Savings for Higher Learning

With so much to gain, this is a great way to save for an education. All parents, grandparents and benefactors are qualified to take advantage of federal tax exclusion for the purpose of higher learning.

Available Nationwide

All states offer at least one type of prepaid tuition plan or college savings plan. Fees, investment options, restrictions and tax advantages vary by state. We can help you look through state programs to find the exact investment that works best for you.

Save Without Limits

There are no income limits on the donors to 529 plans, meaning anyone is qualified and able to take advantage of the savings. Each account can accept contributions of up to $13,000 per year — and of course you can have one account for every child.

Generous Tax Advantages

At its inception, each new account can be "front loaded" to accept up to $65,000, or five years worth of contributions, without the burden of gift taxes. And when it comes time to pay for college, withdrawals used for qualified educational purposes are excluded from federal income taxation.

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