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Payroll Cards

What's an easy way to manage payroll and help your employees manage their money? Payroll cards from Bank of Oklahoma. They're convenient, safe and easy-to-use.

HR specialist utilizing BOK Financial's payroll cards to help employees manage their money.

Save your company and your employees money by eliminating paper checks and the cashing fees that sometimes come with them. Your employees will receive their wages on their payroll card from Bank of Oklahoma, which can then be used at retailers or an ATM.

  • A payroll card from Bank of Oklahoma  helps you save money. It first eliminates check printing and delivery fees, and reduces the time it takes to manage paper check processing. Plus, it also reduces the costs associated with fraudulent or stolen checks, since it's more secure than a paper check.

  • A payroll card is ideal for employees who can't take advantage of direct deposit, including temporary employees and employees who do not have a bank. It may also help them manage their money because it cannot be overdrawn. And, the payroll card from Bank of Oklahoma lets you offer another voluntary benefit, which may improve employee satisfaction.

  • Your employees' wages will be loaded onto their card each pay period, just as direct deposit would be. From there, they can immediately use the card at most retailers or to take out cash at an ATM. One of our team members can help you get set up quickly.

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