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Private Wealth

Online Access

Online Access with Bank of Oklahoma

Access and manage your investment accounts with Bank of Oklahoma's trusted and secure online access application. You can view all of your Bank of Oklahoma accounts, including Private Wealth, checking, savings, mortgage and BOK Financial Advisors investment accounts in one place.

Couple managing BOK private wealth online access tools on tablet.

The Benefits of All-in-One Access


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    360-degree view of all your Bank of Oklahoma accounts.

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    Face ID or touch ID for login, means no longer remembering usernames or passwords.

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    Access to personalized financial management tools to see your full financial picture.

Conveniently and Securely Manage Your Investment Accounts

View all your investment accounts in one convenient place. Enrollment is quick and easy.

  • View holdings and performance by asset allocation.
  • See market value and net contribution.
  • Access gain / loss summary and detail.
  • Access market insights and research.
  • And more.

Personalized Financial Management Tools

See your full financial picture.

  • Aggregate almost any financial account in the U.S.
  • Manually track assets like mortgages and alternative investments.
  • Calculate your net worth based on internal and external accounts.

Contact your wealth advisor to enroll today!