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Women & Wealth

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We are dedicated to fostering open and honest conversations about money and investing, and empowering women with the knowledge and confidence to navigate these areas with ease. Take charge of your financial journey.

Here's why we're so passionate about supporting your journey:

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Unlock the power of your financial voice

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Creating a personal balance sheet

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Creating a personal cash flow statement

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Defending against inflation

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Saving for retirement

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Investing in the stock market

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Essential estate planning documents

  • two thirds

    Women will control an estimated two-thirds of wealth in the US by the end of this decade.

  • one half

    Only half of women—compared to more than two-thirds of men—feel confident about managing investments.

  • It’s time for women to take control of their finances and live the lives they want.

Knowledge is power

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"Break Your Money Silence" with Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

Unlock the power of your financial voice