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Private Wealth

Custody Services

We can take responsibility for the safekeeping of your assets. Let our skilled professionals deal with the details — while you or your investment advisor retain executive control.

Couple reviewing BOK custody services options for private wealth & banking.

Services for Custody Clients

Safekeeping your assets is only one of the responsibilities of Bank of Oklahoma custodial services. You or your designated advisor retain control over investment management. We also provide key record keeping and administrative services pertaining to your portfolio, including:

  • Our professional team keeps accurate and detailed financial and transaction records. We alert you of any capital changes. And we execute daily investments to protect your wealth.

  • Your portfolio demands one-on-one attention. Our custody services clients are assigned an individual experienced trust officer and relationship associate for consistency, accountability and excellent customer service.

  • We assume full responsibility for the safekeeping and custody of your investment portfolio. And, we always remember that you and/or your investment advisor retain full control of investment decisions.

Private Banking Benefits

As a custodial services client, you’re also a Private Bank client, affording you all the advantages of our personalized banking services. There are no transaction fees or securities settlement costs. And, your private banker will provide access to exclusive deposit and lending solutions.

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