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Ordering Checks

Out of checks? Changing your address? You're in the right place. It's easy to order personal checks from Bank of Oklahoma.

Plenty of Options for Ordering Checks

To make getting new checks simple, we offer lots of ways to order them. You can request them in Online Banking, Mobile Banking, ExpressBank or at your local banking center. You can customize your checks with different designs and formats, and order as many as you need.

  • Simply log in to Online Banking or Mobile Banking and click "Order Checks." In Online Banking, you will find "Order Checks" under the Actions and Tools menu.

  • With ExpressBank, you can call us any day or time and we'll help you order your checks via our automated telephone menu. Simply call us to get started.

    Call our ExpressBank: 800-234-6181

  • You can also stop in at any of our local banking centers to order checks. Just come in and we'll help you right away.