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Hedging Solutions

We can help take the bite out of energy market volatility

The energy market will always be volatile, but with hedging solutions, your company can have a better picture of what’s ahead. BOK Financial was one of the first financial services providers to offer commodity hedging services to the energy industry and it remains a core part of our risk management philosophy. In fact, we consider hedging to be a major management tool across the board for our clients.

BOK Financial Energy Hedging Solutions

How can we help?

Dampen market volatility, project your cash flow or capture profit margins with support from our derivatives group. Risk management services include:

  • Commodity hedging.
  • Interest-rate hedging.
  • Currency hedging.
  • An in-house trading desk.
  • Fixed price swaps.
  • Options.
  • Basis trades.
  • Deferred premium puts.
  • Calendar average.
  • Settlements for crude.

Meet our experts

We help identify hedging and trading solutions for energy producers and end users. Our energy team assists hedgers by protecting cash flows against adverse price movement in the crude oil, natural gas and fuel oil markets.

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