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Bank of Oklahoma

Captive and Reinsurance Services

At BOK Financial, we understand your business and the unique characteristics of Producer Owned Reinsurance Companies (PORCs).

For more information about our reinsurance services, please call 833-280-7672 or complete the form and we will contact you.

Benefits of Working with Us

Investment Services

We can assist your ownership group and advisors in allocating your assets with a goal of improving returns within the framework of the investment guidelines particular to each reinsurer.

  • Customized investment solutions.
  • Broad base of fixed-income products.
  • Investment portfolios are continually monitored to help ensure that cash balances are maintained at an optimal level.
  • Professional, personalized service provided by the individuals managing your assets.

Custody Services

We provide an experienced and efficient approach to your reinsurance trust needs with a customer-centric focus.

  • Efficient and simple review process with minimal documentation needed at account opening.
  • Familiarity with offshore companies and documentation.
  • Personalized trust administration.
  • Online access to statements and reports.