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Asset Management Strategies

How can your investments best serve your institution? A short-term income stream. Long-term equity. Tax-advantages now, or in the future. Let us help manage your assets during an ever changing market.

BOK Financial advisor going over asset management strategies and management with a client.

A Foundation in Investment Management

Our Cavanal Hill Investment Management, Inc. affiliate is a leading investment management firm. We'll help you select from a broad range of ideas to bring you solid asset management strategies for success.

  • Active management provides value to clients. Cavanal Hill Investment Management, Inc. is our partner because of their integrity, tenure and discipline around asset management strategies. Their process is fundamentally driven, disciplined, diversified and value-oriented.

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  • Together with Cavanal Hill, we provide asset management services to foundations, endowments, health care facilities, educational institutions, banking institutions, tribal and governmental entities, retirement plans and high net worth individuals across the nation.

  • Interested in a short-term fixed income? Building equity? Taxable or tax-exempt? We'll help you ask and answer the right questions to meet the current and future needs of your organization.

Cavanal Hill offers a range of strategies to meet the unique needs of clients, including:

  • Tax Exempt Cash / Fixed Income Strategies
  • Taxable Cash/Fixed Income Strategies
  • Equity Strategies
  • Opportunistic Strategies
  • Tax Exempt Cash
  • Intermediate Tax Free
  • State-Specific Tax Exempt
  • Enhanced Tax Exempt
  • Short-Term Fixed Income
  • Short-Intermediate Fixed Income
  • Core Fixed Income
  • Short-Intermediate Government Fixed Income
  • Strategic Fixed Income
  • Cash Management
  • U.S. Treasury
  • Large Cap Core Equity
  • Large Cap Value Equity
  • Large Cap Growth Equity
  • Mid Cap Core Equity
  • Large Cap Core Equity
  • Dividend Equity Strategy

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