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CD maturity and renewal

Unlock your savings potential

Congratulations! Your certificate of deposit (CD) is either nearing maturity or set to automatically renew, and it's time to explore your next steps in maximizing your savings. We understand the importance of strategic financial planning and will be here to guide you through the process.

Father and daughter planning for CD maturity date

Understanding your maturity or renewal options

When a certificate of deposit (CD) matures, it means that the CD has reached its agreed upon end date, and the funds become accessible to you. The day after your CD matures, most of our CDs enter a 10- day grace period during which there are options available to you. Not sure if your CD auto-renews? Don't worry; we will remind you by mail and email 10-20 days before maturity if this applies to you.

Click on each option in this section for details and refer to your CD's Simple Guide for a detailed understanding of your grace period options.

  • Compound your savings even further by taking this opportunity to increase the total size of your CD.

  • Choose one of our many great CD options to renew your CD and ensure your savings continue to work for you.

  • You save for a reason. Withdraw the funds you need and either leave the rest to keep earning interest (if your CD auto-renews), or use the remaining funds to open a new CD. Need access to all your funds? Close the CD during the grace period and easily transfer the funds into your account.

  • If you currently have a Promotional, Flex or No-Penalty CD and you take no action during your grace period, it will renew into a Standard CD at the current Standard CD APY. If you have a Standard CD, it will automatically renew into the same CD type and term.

    Refer to the Simple Guide for your product renewal terms. As rates can vary between terms, we encourage you to check current rates as well.

1. The 5.00% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is applicable to 10-month Promotional CDs. A minimum of $1,000 is required to open the CD, and a minimum of $1,000 is required to maintain it. Total promotional CD combined balances cannot exceed $1,000,000 per individual taxpayer. All funds must be deposited in a single transaction. Penalties may be assessed for early withdrawals. Other restrictions may apply. This offer and interest rate are subject to change at any time without notice.

Important Disclosures Regarding Your CD (pdf)