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Employee Benefits

We support an organization’s HR and finance teams in designing solutions. We work with every healthcare and ancillary plan provider as well as industry leaders in digital healthcare to provide a full suite of employee benefits offerings.

Pregnant person working from home on laptop on a call discussing employee benefits to a potential hire.

A Full Suite of Employee Benefits Offerings

Benefit Enrollment and Administration Technology

Connect, engage and empower your employees with mobile-friendly healthcare apps and powerful enrollment solutions we handpicked from the marketplace. Through our trusted benefit technology partners, we can help you transform your employees’ medical experiences into consumer-based financial decisions.

  • Our team has the experience and know-how to bring transformational change to your people and your business. Our strategy starts with these three principles:

    • Help healthy people stay healthy.
    • Regardless of current health status, provide access to high-value healthcare.
    • Embrace and create a culture of health.
  • We believe that wellness is not an option, it is a mission critical business priority and every employee has a role. That’s why we teach employees to use your company’s health plan proactively for prevention and early detection.

  • A longer high claim list correlates consistently to poorer plan performance, translating into challenging renewals. While we cannot eliminate high claims altogether, we can make a meaningful impact by changing unhealthy behavior through education and engagement.

  • By investing in health, prevention and early detection, we can help your company achieve sustainable pricing and optimal employee health.