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What is the timeline of the recruiting process?
We begin recruiting in September each year for both the ACT and Intern classes that will begin the following summer.  We conduct first round interviews in late September-mid October.  Final interviews for the ACT Program take place in late October.  Our intern candidates do not participate in a second round of interviews.  Typically we notify all applicants of hiring decisions by mid-November.

Am I eligible for the position if I do not attend one of the universities at which you recruit?
Absolutely!  Although our recruiting efforts are focused on 13 core campuses, we will consider any qualified applicants.  Qualified applicants who do not attend one of our core universities will apply directly through our career center.  

What qualifications do you look for in a candidate?
In addition to our minimum GPA and coursework requirements, ACT and Intern candidates should possess exceptional communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills and have demonstrated a commitment to the community. 

Where is ACT training located?
All ACT Trainees begin their training at our headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  After 4-6 months of training, they relocate to the markets in which they will be placed permanently to continue their training. 

How do you determine what city I will work in?
We work with our candidates to determine which location is the best fit for them and has the career opportunities that most closely matches their personal goals.   

What types of departments will I rotate through?
In both the ACT and Intern program we try to tailor the experience and exposure based on the location and specific career track in addition to the experience, interest, and long term opportunities for each employee.    

Is the internship a paid position?
Yes.  We evaluate our pay every year to ensure we remain competitive.

Is the ACT training portion paid?
Yes.  ACT Trainees are paid their full pay from day one, even during training.  They also become eligible for benefits after one month of employment including medical, dental, vision, 401K, and time-off.  ACT Trainees are eligible for 3 weeks of vacation per year.    

What is the average size of an ACT class?
The class size varies from 15-35 based on our current needs.   

How do I apply?
If you attend one of our core universities, please apply through career services.  If you do not attend a core university, you can apply here.

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