Basics of Borrowing
What you need to know about credit before borrowing money.
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Using your Bank of Oklahoma Visa Debit Card is faster than writing a check, safer than carrying cash and is accepted at millions of merchant locations worldwide. Plus, with the PIN feature, you can also avoid extra trips to the ATM by using your Visa Debit Card to get “cash back” at many merchant locations.

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It's Safe

  • With Zero Liability**, you are protected from unauthorized charges. Any funds taken from your account due to fraudulent use will be returned to you.
  • Using a Debit Card instead of writing a check means that personal information like your address, phone number, and driver's license number stay confidential.
  • Carrying a Debit Card is safer than carrying cash.

It's Convenient

  • Your Visa Debit Card even doubles as an ATM card, giving you free access to more than 400 ATMs statewide, including all Tulsa-area QuikTrip ATMs and all Oklahoma City-area 7-Eleven ATMs.
  • The Bank of Oklahoma VISA Debit Card is accepted at millions of merchant locations. Use your card to purchase groceries, gas, lunch, clothes, or anything you want while shopping around town or on vacation. You can also use your Debit Card for purchases over the phone or online.
  • Set up automatic weekly, monthly, or quarterly payments from merchants who accept VISA.
  • With the PIN feature, you can also avoid extra trips to the ATM by using your Visa Debit Card to get cash at many merchant locations. To request cash after making a purchase, simply press DEBIT instead of credit, enter your PIN and select the amount of cash that you want to complete the transaction. It’s easy and will save you time!

It's Easy

  • At restaurants and other merchants, simply present your card to the merchant, sign your receipt, and go.
  • All transactions are detailed on your monthly checking account statement and can be viewed online to make record keeping easy. 

** Covers U.S.-issued debit cards only. Does not apply to PIN transactions not processed by Visa.

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